School day

The school day with effect from 1st September 2020 is as follows:

times of the day (2)

Key questions around the change of the school day:

Why 6 periods instead of 5? We want to offer the students a wide-ranging curriculum that is broad and engages all learners. 6 periods a day gives us greater flexibility to include PSHE, enrichment, and a wider range of curriculum study. A student timetable will consist of 29 lessons instead of 25.

Why 55-minute lessons? As the school day is moving from 5 lessons to 6, reducing the lesson length allows for a reasonable length of the school day. Indeed, it only increases by 25 minutes per day, yet offers a superior curriculum experience. 55-minute lessons still allow practical subjects sufficient time.

What is enrichment? By removing the tutorial on a Thursday, period 6 is extended to 75 minutes. During this time, staff will be able to offer an enrichment activity for all students to enable them to learn new skills, develop new interests and have fun! Activities would last half a term and then rotate with a new group of students.

Why is the start time later? Starting the teaching day 10 minutes later gives both the staff and students a longer period of time in the morning to prepare for the day ahead.

What is the Tuesday CPD? School will finish for students on Tuesdays at 2:25pm. Staff will then have an extended opportunity for professional development and meetings until 4:00pm, to allow us to ensure our provision for your child is excellent.

Won’t the timings be confusing? 4 days of the week run the same Periods 1 to 5, with Period 6 being removed for one of them. The enrichment day (Thursday) would be different, although periods 1 and 2 will be the same, as will the end of the day.

Why is tutorial after period 2? The focus at the start of the day will be on getting straight to learning at the time of the day when students are most alert. We will then timetable the PSHE to be before tutorial once per week to give us extended time to allow special assemblies and external speakers to work with students.